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ADVANCED BEHAVIORS - Phase II (off leash)

Imagine owning a dog that can walk or run with you in either in an urban or wilderness setting without you having to hold a leash.  Imagine taking your dog to a dog park and being able to call your dog reliably when you are ready to leave. Imagine greeting your guest at the door with your well-behaved dog, telling him to go to his 'place' and having him remain there until your guest departs. Sound like a dream?  Our TTW Phase II program turns that dream into a reality by teaching your dog to perform all of those behaviors, plus much more. Kira and I personally cannot imagine owning a dog that has to be controlled on a leash its entire life. By doing so, not only are we inhibited, but so is the dog and its naturally wild spirit. Set you and your dog free through our TTW Phase II program.

Dogs must be able to satisfactorily perform the selected behaviors at the Basic Level to be eligible for Advanced Training. Prices include boarding and daycare, a place cot, training collar, two Private Turnover Lessons at our facility and one Private Turnover Lesson in your home (in our service area). A $500 deposit is required at the time of reservation. To ensure quality of training, only a limited number of dogs are accepted into the program.

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Behaviors Taught

  • Off leash Come when called
  • Off leash Heel and Switch
  • Off leash Sit under any condition
  • Out of sight Stay work
  • “Go to your Place” - Go to your Place cot and remain there until released. This behavior enables you to send your dog away from you when needed; making it the perfect action, either before or after greeting guests at your door

Pricing and Duration

  • 30 Day Program. Cost: $3,000

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