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Applying a, “one size fits all”, policy towards training doesn’t work in today’s world. Every dog owner has individual training needs that range from a few basic behaviors such as no jumping, sit, and stay, to advanced behaviors such as walking and coming when called, off leash.  At Taming the Wild, we offer two board and train programs that have met and exceeded the demands of our clients for thirty-five years.  

All prices include boarding and daycare, all behaviors taught, and two private turnover lessons to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain your dog’s training.  If the training you need is not provided in one of our programs, please give us a call to discuss how we may help design a suitable program for you and your dog.    

Once again the training at Taming the Wild has proven to be exceptional! Both Lynn and Jacob are amazing trainers and it's clear they are passionate about each dog they encounter. The transformation in our two dogs has been truly remarkable. We greatly appreciate the time Lynn has spent on the turnover phase, which solidifies the process. Lynn takes the time to ensure that we, the owner, understand the behaviors and methods to continue training at home...all with support, just one phone call away. All the staff at Taming the Wild go out of their way to help and truly exhibit the same passion for the dogs. We have been very fortunate to discover Taming the Wild.

jena koren, memphis, tn

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Basic Behaviors

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Phase II
Advanced Behaviors

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