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BASIC BEHAVIORS-Taming the Wild Phase I (on leash)

Our TTW Phase I program focuses on teaching fundamental behaviors that provide you with optimum control of your dog.  Whether you are watching TV, entertaining guests, or taking an evening stroll, your dog's training will make it a welcome and enjoyable part of your life. Our board and train programs are the best in the country and TTW Phase I has been our flagship program for years.  If you wish to own a dog that makes you smile, there is no better choice that TTW Phase I. 

Dogs must be 16 weeks of age or older. Price includes boarding and daycare, all behaviors taught, and two private turnover lessons at our facility. A $200 deposit is required at the time of reservation. To ensure the quality of training, only a limited number of dogs are accepted into the program.

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Behaviors Taught

  • Heel - walk or jog next to you without pulling.
  • Switch - change sides of your body when directed while walking.
  • Sit - temporary deactivation.
  • Stay - remain where positioned until released.
  • Place - multi-hour stay on either a cot or within a rope ring.
  • Off - no jumping on you or your guests.
  • Come - This program focuses on providing the framework for future 'off-leash' reliability by training the dog to come 'on-leash' while under conflict.
  • Controlled entering through doors.
  • “Leash Up” - Dog is taught to sit quietly and turn its head while a leash is attached to its collar.

Pricing & Duration

  • 14-day program.  Cost: $1500

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