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Life for the average American can be a very hectic existence. Daily, we are called upon to meet the demands of our careers, education, parenting, and travels.

Often, many of us are left with too little time to teach our dog the behaviors necessary to achieve the coexistence we desire, and, unfortunately, our dog’s learning isn’t put "on hold" to accommodate our busy lifestyles. Each day, learning occurs; each day, your dog will adjust its behavior to the input it receives.

That's why a consistent board and training program is the perfect solution for instilling good behavior for your dog. 

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Our Board and Train Programs

At Taming the Wild, our board and train programs train your dog for you. Our professional trainers, who are all taught and mentored by Bryan, will provide the input necessary for your dog to learn the behaviors you need and want.

To obtain the highest level of reliability under varying distractions, your dog’s training will be augmented with field trips to parks, shopping centers, and restaurants. Once we have completed your dog’s training, we will teach you how to maintain the behaviors learned for the lifetime of your dog.

We offer various levels of training based on your dog's age and previous training. Learn more about our board and train offerings below:

Training for puppies (imprinting)

  • Board and Train Program for Puppies: $650. For puppies ages 12-15 weeks old. 5-day program. Click here to learn more.

This dog training program is for pups under the age of sixteen weeks to imprint them with human language, visual cues and to follow your leadership. These few weeks are crucial to how a dog will function for the rest of its life, and how the pup interprets its status among your family. If you have a puppy and want them to learn the most naturally, then our imprinting training is your starting point for your dog. In the end, we’ll show you everything we’ve covered with your pup and teach you how to take over from here.

Basic & Advanced Behaviors

  • Phase I, Basic Behaviors: $1600. For dogs over 16 weeks old. 14-day program. Click here to learn more. 
  • Phase II, Advanced Behaviors: $3,000. Dogs must have completed Phase I to be eligible for Phase II. Click here to learn more.

**For your convenience, we have payment plans that work for every budget. Contact us for more information**

Phase I and II are multi-day board and train programs designed to help you get critical behaviors under control. Phase I focuses on teaching fundamental, on-leash behaviors that make owning a dog a dream, while Phase II concentrates on establishing reliable responses to your commands off-leash. Both programs are taught at our east Memphis facility.

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Took our 6-year-old dachshund mix to Taming the Wild after a few instances of him biting me and always being super stubborn. We did the Phase 1 training in which you leave your dog at their facility for two weeks. When we picked him up, they provided an hour and a half training session with my husband and me to show us everything he learned and how to continue implementing. We were amazed at his new behavior!! It’s been almost two weeks since we picked him up and still all good! We practice with him a little bit each day to keep it up and make sure he doesn’t fall back into old habits. We are very satisfied with the results of the program, and my only regret is not taking him sooner!

anna beth studdard, memphis, tn

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