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This is an image of the book "Embracing the Wild in your dog" by Bryan Bailey

Embracing the Wild in Your Dog

Bryan also specializes in solving difficult canine behavior problems like aggression and maladaptive disorders. Bryan still works in wolf behavior research. His first book, “Embracing the Wild in your Dog” helps readers develop a deep understanding of the wolf instinct that still dominates our dog’s behavior and how activating and deactivating the natural impulses and mechanisms driven by that instinct will lead to the harmonious existence and the control we’ve always dreamed of.

"This book possibly saved the lives of one or more of my family members."  -Wilson P.

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This is an image of the book "The Hammer" by Bryan Bailey

The Hammer

Understanding and preventing Canine Aggression

Bryan is currently busy writing his second book, “The Hammer – Understanding and Preventing Canine Aggression.”  He hopes the book will educate readers about the most dominant tool in the wolf and dog’s bag of survival equipment – Aggression (The Hammer).  This tool has allowed for ingestion, digestion, reproduction and survival by wolves for thousands of years in a very hostile and competitive world and it was passed to our dogs.  Its use by our dogs is often misinterpreted and misunderstood and this has led to an increase in avoidable attacks to dog owners and their children.


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