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Releasing the wild

Today’s dog is a domesticated version of its ancestor, the gray wolf. It is driven to seek out its kind and hone the social skills necessary to coexist and contribute to the success of its species. And, although there is no need for your dog to hunt to survive, it still has the restlessness that comes with thousands of years of roaming the forest in search of food.

Restlessness, born of the hunting instinct, is satisfied by barking, chasing, dodging and wrestling and not by the rampant destruction of the home and yard. Daycare at Taming the Wild provides your dog the ability to hone vital social skills by allowing it to adapt to an ever-changing pack structure. This will equip your dog with the capacity to engage unfamiliar dogs in a variety of settings such as dog parks, your relative’s home, and veterinary clinics, in a naturally, harmonious fashion.

Daycare is conducted in our indoor and outdoor play areas under the close supervision of our staff, who are hand picked and have undergone extensive training with Kira and Bryan.

Do yourself and your dog a favor, and let it be a wolf
    from time to time at Taming the Wild's daycare.





Would you like to incorporate obedience training with daycare?  Check out our day-training

Costs associated with daycare:

$25 - per day

$200 - package of 10 days

$360 - package of 20 days

$15 - daycare bath

$10 - nail trim

Need a Ride?

Taming the Wild offers a FREE shuttle service to pick up and drop off your dog.

To learn more, visit our Shuttle Service page.

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