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The window of opportunity for vital social imprinting among puppies slams shut by the age of 16 weeks. Research has shown that young pups that are not afforded adequate time to interact safely with their own species and/or unfamiliar humans will often grow to be fearful of new human and dog encounters. In addition, behaviors learned by puppies during the first few months of life their lives are never forgotten.

At Taming the Wild, we address both of these important issues with our no commitment, ongoing puppy group class that meets once per week at our indoor training facility. Each class will provide ample opportunity to learn valuable social and communication skills with human and dog alike.

In addition, our professional trainers will provide instruction covering bite inhibition, socialization, shaping behaviors with treat luring; heel, sit, down, place, come, no jumping, and husbandry behaviors to include; housebreaking, crate training, elimination of destructive chewing, and nutrition.

This class is designed for puppies between the ages of 8 weeks and 15 weeks who have had (at least) their first round of vaccinations. There is no need to wait until your puppy has had all of their shots as they will only be exposed to other puppies who are vaccinated for their appropriate age.

If you are new to Taming the Wild, you are required to provide proof of your puppy’s immunizations prior to attending your first class.  It is also good to show up for your first class 10 minutes early to hear instruction on equipment and general class rules.


Classes will be held every Saturday at 10:30-11:30 am, starting September 15, 2018.


Taming the Wild, 2164 Hillshire Circle, Memphis, TN 38103. (Indoor - climate controlled)

What to bring to class:

4-6 foot leash, flat collar, treats.

What NOT to bring to class:

retractable leash, any type of harness or head gear, children under the age of 9.


$25 per class.

How to Sign Up:

Saturday Ongoing Puppy Classes

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