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Private Training for you and your puppy

Dogs under the age of sixteen weeks are more “wolf-like” than they will ever be. At this age, their actions are more motivated by instincts inherited from their wild ancestor, the gray wolf, than by our influence. It is a time when most pups are separated from their birth packs and have to make the crucial adjustment to living with humans.


Gathering vital information such as food acquisition, shelter and social awareness among its human pack factor into this adjustment along with learning behavioral boundaries and interspecific communication. Anything learned during this adjustment period is never forgotten as nature prepares your pup for life as a vibrant and contributing member of its pack.

At Taming the Wild, our Imprinting Program focuses on the communication and social awareness aspects of your young dog’s development.

We will teach your pup how to interpret our human language and visual and haptic signals associated with desired behaviors. Because subordinate wolves follow the signals of their leaders, your pup will be imprinted, at and early age, with the need to follow yours. This will establish your leadership and form a clear channel of communication from the onset of your relationship.



We will teach you and your pup, through two private lessons, how to interpret our human language and signals and associate them with desired behaviors.

  • Introduction to canine learning abilities and natural wolf-like behaviors
  • Learning how to effectively communicate with your young dog
  • Husbandry issues:
    • Housebreaking
    • Feeding
    • Crate Training
    • Destructive chewing
  • Training:
    • Imprinting – Introducing the puppy to the concept of obedience
    • Teaching simple behaviors using positive reinforcement techniques
    • Curbing undesired behaviors such as jumping, nipping/mouthing, excess barking, etc.

Puppy Preparatory School - package of 2 private lessons, 10ft. training leash, and treat pouch.

Note:  Puppy preparatory school is a program designed for dogs under the age of 15 weeks.

Cost - $300

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