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Dog ownership is supposed to add years to our lives by reducing our stress levels, lowering our blood pressure and increasing our desire to connect with others. However, achieving dog ownership nirvana is far more difficult than simply petting a dog. There are issues and questions ranging from the harmless to the potentially deadly, and when dog owners turn to the internet, veterinarians, and professional dog trainers for answers, these sources fail to answer their questions with the accuracy and honesty that is required to establish a safe and harmonious relationship between them and their dog. That’s because anyone who THINKS they are a dog expert can pose as one and as a result, the answers they provide lead unsuspecting pet owners away from the quality of life they desire and the safety they need. However, I am an expert and my answers are what dog owners need. The answers are correct and not B.S. The welfare of dogs and their owners can’t afford anything else.

Listen to Bryan Bailey, the only authority in canine behavior and welfare, every Wednesday at noon (CST) on Voice America Talk Radio on Taming the Wild in Your Dog.

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