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Do you wish you had an app to communicate with your dog?

Dogs do not have the benefit of language, a tool we humans rely upon to effectively communicate with other humans on a daily basis. Instead, their ability to communicate with their human owners and other dogs relies upon a myriad of fundamental signals and responses that were created by nature thousands of years ago, and not by mankind. Understanding and recognizing these signals is crucial in developing a cooperative and safe coexistence with our dogs. Imagine traveling to a distant land where you do not understand the spoken language or the behaviors that are customary to the established culture.

If you can imagine this, then you have a glimpse of what it’s like to be a dog in a human world.


WHERE: 103 Harbor Town Square Dr, Memphis, TN 38103

Seminar Price
Cost $45 per person 

Note:  Seminars are for owners only.  Please leave your dog at home.

Call 901-626-3887 or email to register.


Topics covered:

  • Exploring the 3D world of canine communication through visual, haptic, and auditory signals and responses.

  • Interpreting your dog’s signals and responses. No, he doesn’t always understand what you mean!

  • Becoming an effective communicator to your dog.

  • Teaching your dog how to properly respond to non-human signals such as traffic, construction, thunder storms, etc.

  • Question and answer session.

Understanding Canine Aggression

Nothing causes more anguish in our relationship with our dogs than aggression.

Whether your dog is the aggressor, or you or your dog have been the recipient of aggression, the result of such behavior can lead to lawsuits, hefty veterinary bills, damaged relationships, personal injuries, even death. In 2013, dog attacks led to 32 human fatalities in the United States and over 300,000 dogs were euthanized for biting.

The domestic dog, much like its wild cousin, the gray wolf, is the champion of compromise. Understanding the dynamics of canine social behavior and the development of aggression is essential to create techniques that favor non-aggressive responses to all human and dog encounters.

Instructor Bryan Bailey is a renowned expert in wolf behavior and dog aggression. The information provided in this seminar will benefit all dog owners, veterinarians, kennel operators, pet sitters, police K-9 officers and professional dog trainers.


WHEN: To be determined.
WHERE: 2164 Hillshire Circle, Memphis, TN 38133

Seminar Price
Cost $95

Topics covered:

  • From the wolf in the wild to the wolf in your home. Understanding canine social behavior among wolves and the vast similarities found in the domestic dog.

  • The three causes of canine aggression.

  • The difference between Dominance and Submission and the vital role they play in your dog’s life.

  • Living without fear. Your dog’s natural responses to threats and how we can deactivate them.

  • Intra pack aggression. How to manage more than one dog in your household.

  • Is pharmacotherapy an option?

  • Don’t bite the hand that may sue you. Legalities involved with dog aggression.

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