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From birth until approximately sixteen weeks of age, puppies are more “wolf-like” than they will ever be.  During this impressionable period, their behaviors are driven more by instinct passed along by their wolf heritage than by human influence.  They have no concept of the requirement to not relieve themselves in your home or to not chew on your furniture or possessions.  Because they are social creatures, provoking pack mates is vital for their early hierarchal development, thus giving cause to jumping, nipping and chasing you and your children. Lastly, but most importantly, they do not possess language and are unable to understand human sentences and intentions, making effective communication between you and your young dog confusing and counterproductive. 

Knowing how to blend training that creates acceptable behaviors in the human realm with the natural instinctive responses of your young dog is crucial for the formal training to come. At Taming the Wild, through either our Imprinting Program or our Puppy Preparatory School, we help guide you through the critical first few months of your young dog’s life, teaching you the necessary knowledge and skills to help your puppy relationship start on the right path.

Specifically looking for help with housebreaking? 

Housebreaking is the bane of puppyhood for most dog owners. It is an incredibly frustrating process that has been made even more so by misguided training recommendations doled out by friends, family, the internet, and a myriad of
dog professionals. The information provided is often incorrect or misleading, especially regarding the amount of time and effort that will be required to train your dog to go potty outdoors and not indoors reliably. However, successful housebreaking doesn’t have to be so scary or painful. It just requires patience, consistency, a small bit of knowledge about your dog’s natural behavior, and a willingness to follow ten important steps. Find those ten steps and solve your housebreaking problems forever here! 

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