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About Taming the Wild

About us dog training taming the wild

Many dog trainers tend to either take an unscientific approach or overplay using only positive methods and thus fail to focus on sustainable transformation.

At Taming the Wild, our passion is to provide a genuine, welcoming, scientifically based, and supportive training environment for owners and their dogs, which allows them to both thrive and connect with each other.

Our History

Founded in 2012 by Kira and Bryan Bailey, Taming The Wild fuses over 40 years of Bryan’s experience as a professional trainer and expert in predatory social behavior with Kira’s experience with luxury hotels to make every client feel like family.

History dog training taming the wild

Kira & Bryan Bailey

History dog training taming the wild

Kira Bailey

Kira comes from a family of entrepreneurs, so it was no surprise that she was ready for the challenge when with Bryan they created Taming the Wild. Kira is an expert in transforming canine behavioral science into a thriving business that puts the dogs and their owners first.

History dog training taming the wild

Bryan Bailey

Bryan Bailey, CBCC-KA certified, is a nationally-recognized, award-winning author, dog aggression expert, and canine pharmacotherapy behaviorist. With over 40 years of education and experience studying mental disorders among dogs, Bryan has become a Master at understanding what gives cause to this debilitating condition and how to blend modern medicine with behavior modification to rehabilitate fearful and aggressive dogs.

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Giving Back

We work with local rescue groups to offer free training and services so that these precious pups can be paired with a loving home. Since 2012, we’ve donated more than $200,000 in services, food and supplies to dogs in need.

Bryan's Books

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Embracing The Wild in Your Dog

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The Hammer

Why dogs attack us and how to prevent it

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