Bryan Bailey

Bryan bailey taming the wild
Bryan bailey taming the wild

International Best Selling Author, Radio Talk Show Host, Canine Pharmacotherapy Behaviorist, Dog Aggression Expert, voted “Best Professional Trainer” by readers of Bluff City Bark Magazine and Local's Best Organization.

Bryan is a nationally-recognized, award-winning author, dog aggression expert, and canine pharmacotherapy behaviorist. With over thirty-five years of education and experience studying mental disorders among dogs, Bryan has become a Master at understanding what gives cause to this debilitating condition and how to blend modern medicine with behavior modification to rehabilitate fearful and aggressive dogs.

Bryan bailey taming the wild

Raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, Bryan has spent years studying the natural mechanisms that govern the many uses of aggression by wolves and how those same intrinsic mechanisms continue to influence the behavior of modern dogs and why they attack humans. Utilizing what he has learned, Bryan educates thousands of dog owners each year on the causes of dog aggression and how they can prevent from becoming a victim of it. By doing so, he has been credited with saving hundreds of lives.

"Everything I do is designed to provide sustainable transformation for dogs and their owners."

Bryan Bailey Owner

Bryan’s unique qualifications

Bryan has been featured on CNN, Fox & Friends, SiriusXM Radio, Talk of Alabama, WREG TV-3, and in many publications, including Dog World, At Home Mid-South Tennessee, Bloom Magazine, HOSS Magazine, SheKnows, The Chicago Tribune, and the Miami Herald. Veterinarians, dog owners, and celebrities such as John Mellencamp, James Fitzpatrick, the late Junior Seau, Julio Jones, and many others have eagerly sought out his services. To learn more about Bryan’s media coverage, check out As Seen In.

  • Radio Talk Show Host of Voice America's Taming the Wild in Your Dog.
  • The author of, "The Hammer - Why Dogs Attack Us and How to Prevent It," published in January 2018.
  • The author of award-winning, "Embracing The Wild In Your Dog", published in September 2015.
  • Monthly guest trainer for News Channel 5 ‘Talk of the Town’ Nashville, TN.
  • Nationally certified Master Trainer and a Canine Pharmacotherapy Behaviorist. Considered an expert in the debilitating effects of mental disorders in dogs, Bryan has worked with veterinarians in blending modern medicine with proven Behavioral Adjustment Plans to assist thousands of dog owners with pets that suffer from maladaptive conditions that create unwarranted fearful and aggressive responses.
  • A Decorated veteran of the U.S. Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Teams. Worked extensively as a supervisor and trainer for the U.S. Navy’s elite dolphin projects “Short Time” and “Bottom Look” and the sea lion project, “Quick Find.”
  • An honor graduate of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. Duties included training supervisor of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department K-9 narcotics detection, criminal apprehension, and search and rescue teams.
  • Selected by Indiana Department of Health and Social Services to train service dogs for children with advanced Muscular Dystrophy. Training included wheelchair support, directed retrieve, opening doors and drawers, and emotional support.
  • Studied canine problem solving and pharmacotherapy at Cornell University.
  • Studied wolf behavior and social dynamics at Battleground Indiana and Ely Minnesota wolf centers.
  • Performed extensive research on Lion and East African Wild Dog social behavior in Tanzania, and Kenya, Africa.
  • Veterinary assistant. Provided assistance with canine exams, lab work, and performed anesthesia during surgical procedures.
  • Has professionally shown dogs in AKC Obedience, Conformation, Schutzhund, and Ring Sport.

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