Understanding the nature of your dog

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Our Approach

Our approach leverages proven science-based methods developed by Taming the Wild which never break the dog’s spirit and yet provide them freedom within limits. This ultimately gives the dog and owner a more relaxed relationship and provides for a safer future for both.

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Everything we do is designed to provide sustainable transformation for dogs and their owners.

Dog research backed taming the wild

Research has taught us to be cautious about coming to hasty conclusions about behavioral differences between dogs and wolves. At Taming the Wild, these scientific findings dictate our approach to training and enable us to create behaviors in ways your dog quickly understands and accepts. Ultimately, our approach to training will help you achieve your goals for yourself and your dog while safeguarding the spirit and vitality of the “wild” that dwells within all dogs.

How can you trust that we know which method is best for your dog? Because at Taming the Wild, our incredible results are our qualifications.

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Everything about Taming the Wild was an incredible experience. From walking in the door, they are kind, courteous, and helpful. They work with you to answer all questions and make you feel at ease. I took my two dogs to Taming the Wild Basic Training and can see an amazing difference in their behavior. I absolutely recommend Taming the Wild!

Mallory Bader, Memphis, TN

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