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Advanced Behaviors - Phase II (Off Leash)

Imagine owning a dog that can walk or run with you in either an urban or wilderness setting without you having to hold a leash. Imagine taking your dog to a dog park and being able to call your dog reliably when you are ready to leave. Imagine greeting your guests at the door with your well-behaved dog, telling him to go to his 'place' and having him remain there until your guest departs. Sound like a dream? Our Phase II program turns that dream into a reality by teaching your dog to perform all of those behaviors plus much more.

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Behaviors Taught

  • Off-leash Come When Called
  • Off-leash Heel
  • Off-leash Sit Under Any Condition
  • Off-leash Down Under Any Condition
  • Out of Sight Stay Work
  • "Go to your Place" - Go to your Place cot and remain there until released. This behavior enables you to send your dog away from you when needed, making it the perfect action either before or after greeting guests at your door.
  • All behaviors are proofed with humans, dogs, and unfamiliar settings. All dogs are taken on field trips to local parks, neighborhoods, Bass Pro Shop, LOWE'S, Academy Sports, and many other locations, where all of the trained behaviors are tested.

**To be eligible for Phase II training, dogs must be evaluated (free of charge) to determine if they qualify.**

Pricing and Duration

  • 30-Day Program
  • Cost - $3,600


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My dog Milo went through Phase I and Phase II with Taming the Wild. All I can say is WOW. They did an amazing job with my dog. They were very professional and loved my dog like I love my dog. Friends and family have noticed a significant difference in my dog's behavior in the most positive way imaginable. If you want to enjoy your dog even more than you already do, send it to Taming the Wild. You will not regret it!

-Will Knight, Memphis, tn

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