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Basic Behaviors - Taming the Wild Phase I (On Leash)

Whether you are watching TV, entertaining guests, or taking an evening stroll, your dog's training will make it a welcome and enjoyable part of your life. Our Phase I board, and train program is the best in the country, and it has been our flagship program for many years. If you wish to own a dog that has an incredible foundation in all basic behaviors, there is no better choice than Phase I. It put us on the map, and it will keep us there while keeping a permanent smile on your face. 

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Behaviors Taught

  • Heel - walk or jog next to you without pulling

  • Auto Sit from Heel

  • Sit on command - temporary deactivation

  • Down - full deactivation

  • Stay - remain where positioned until released

  • Place - multi-hour stay on a cot & rope ring (provided)

  • Off - no jumping on you or your guests

  • Controlled entry and exit through doors

  • All behaviors are proofed with humans, dogs, and unfamiliar settings. All dogs are taken on field trips to local parks, neighborhoods, Bass Pro Shop, LOWE'S, Academy Sports, and many other locations, where all of the trained behaviors are tested.

Pricing & Duration

  • 14-day program

  • Cost - $1600

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Options To Enhance your Dog's Phase I Training:

1.  Add Off Leash - "Come When Called" to your dog's Phase I program:

  • Cost - $1,100 (includes 7 additional days of training and a remote training collar)

2.  Add Remote Training Collar Enhancement to your Phase I program:

From Bryan: "The remote training collar enhances all trained behaviors by creating a stereotyped signal across the spectrum of all handlers. After all, the collar doesn't care whose finger presses the stimulus button. The input your dog receives is the same from everyone who gives a command. This effectively compensates for any power disparities or any inadequacies in handler skills within the family. What's neat is the haptic signal your dog receives that creates incredible reliability is lower than what most people feel when they receive a text or call when their cell phone is in the silent mode! I wouldn't think of owning a dog without remote collar training. It is that impactful. The remote training collar provided with remote collar enhancement is the same one that I use for training my dogs. It is rechargeable, waterproof, and has 100 levels of stimulation. It also has a boost button and a strobe light capability for night time use. Best of all, your dog does not have to wear it all the time, especially after your dog reaches a high level of performance."

  • Cost - $750 (includes a remote training collar)

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Everything about Taming the Wild was an incredible experience. From walking in the door, they are kind, courteous, and helpful. They work with you to answer all questions and make you feel at ease. I took my two dogs to Taming the Wild Phase 1 and can see an amazing difference in their behavior. I absolutely recommend Taming the Wild!

-mallory bader, memphis, tn

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