5 Basic Commands Every Dog Should Know

August 28, 2019 | Training, Tips

Training your dog is one of the best things you can do for your canine pal. Not only will you be giving them possibly life saving skills, you are providing them with physical and mental stimulation on a daily basis. While there are a number of commands you can teach your dog, there are five basic ones that should be on every pet owner’s list.

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Taming the wild older dog

Can I Train My Older Dog, or is it a Lost Cause?

August 02, 2019 | Training

When most people think about training a dog, they usually associate it with puppy training. Whether you adopt an adult dog from the shelter or just don’t train your puppy for whatever reason, there are many instances where an adult dog needs proper training.

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Taming the wild blog socializing

Socializing your Dog

July 08, 2019 | Training, Tips

Socialization in dogs is extremely important. Not only will it make your life easier when you go on walks or take your dog places, but it will make it safer for both your dog and others in the long run. Without proper socialization, you will have no clue of how your dog will react when he runs into another, unfamiliar dog.

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Taming the wild housebreaking blog

3 Essential Tips for Housebreaking Success

June 11, 2019 | Puppies, Training

It's an important job for the success of your home and your dog. Learn about the best ways to get everyone one the same page from the start.

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I dont deserve your dog taming the wild blog

I Don't Deserve Your Dog : Controlling Your Dog in Public

March 20, 2019 | Training, Tips

I knew the bite would happen a few seconds before it occurred. It wasn’t an unlucky guess on my part. Rather, my hunch was based on my personal experience of having been bitten by a dog under similar circumstances and my observation of the attacking dog’s behavior before the bite.

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Shock collar the horror of it all 1

Shock Collar? The Horror of it All! - The Truths Behind Remote Collar Training for Dogs

October 11, 2018 | Training

Hundreds of years ago, when Christian Humanist and scholar, Desiderius Erasmus penned the phrase “Man’s mind is so formed that it is far more susceptible to falsehood than to truth,” I am sure he wasn’t contemplating the future opinions of dog owners, dog trainers, veterinarians, and all other so-called behavioral experts about the use of “shock” collars for training dogs.

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Wolf origin

The Origin of Dogs: What Matters?

November 13, 2016 | Training, Tips

Every year, “new” research claims to uncover the “new” origin of domestic dogs. Such is the case in a recent article published in Discover magazine, in December 2016, which points to genetic studies that place the domestication of dogs in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, South Asia or Southeast Asia, and dating their origin between 10,000 and 38,000 years ago.

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Fear periods taming the wild blog

Why Periods of Fear Are Good for Dogs

October 15, 2015 | Puppies, Training

Recently, our five-month-old pup Captain has been displaying fearful behavior, such as growling and ducking behind furniture, when confronted by alien dogs and humans who pass by our home at a distance.

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Establising trust training taming the wild

Establishing Trust When Training Your Dog

October 07, 2015 | Puppies, Training

Ranger, my seven-year-old, male, Alaskan sled dog, is lying on the frozen ground chewing a stick when Scarlett, a new twelve-week-old female pup, cautiously noses up to him to investigate what he is chewing. Her inquiry is met immediately with a hard, deliberate stare that is accompanied by a low menacing growl. Like an echo from a distant time when all aggression was sparked by competition for survival, Ranger’s growl leaves no doubt as to the outcome if Scarlett fails to heed his warning.

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Training collar blog ttw

Why Training Collars Are Humane and Effective for Dog Training

October 07, 2015 | Training

There are many stumbling blocks that average dog owners encounter on their way to achieving manageable and peaceful coexistence with their dogs. Limitations in time, money, physical capabilities, and proper knowledge of the dog itself are just a few. Add the latter to the belief that most American’s hold their dogs to near-human standards (this is called anthropomorphism, which is when people infuse a human persona into their dog), and it’s no wonder that manageable and peaceful coexistence can be very elusive.

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