Video properly release stay

Properly Release the STAY to Improve Reliability

October 24, 2022 | Videos

Release the STAY properly and watch reliability in the command improve in no time. When training your dog to perform 'stay' or 'place,' much of your focus should be on developing an unmistakable release signal before you work on distance, duration, and distractions.

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Video train dog six steps

How to Train Your Dog to STOP and STAY in 6 EASY Steps!

September 03, 2022 | Videos

Learn how to train your dog to STOP whatever it's doing and STAY (basically FREEZE). Think of it like a Safety or Emergency Stay. It's easy to train and could save your dog's life.

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Video down command

How To Train The Commands “Sit” And “Down” From A Distance

December 21, 2021 | Videos

Possessing the ability to “down” your dog from a distance will, at a minimum, give you the capability to disrupt a possibly dangerous behavior such as bolting out the door, racing toward a busy street, etc. Learn how to teach the down and the sit command at a distance in this video.

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Video remote collar vibration

How You Can Use The Vibration Mode On A Remote Training Collar To Gain Your Dog’s Attention

December 14, 2021 | Videos

Gaining your dog’s attention is half of the battle when training your dog. In this video, learn how you can use the vibration mode on a remote training collar to gain your dog’s attention during long-distance and noisy environment training.

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Video correct jumping

The WRONG Way to Correct Jumping

August 02, 2021 | Videos

This video will point out one such piece that encourages dog owners to train their dogs not to jump by using unsound techniques that go against a dog's instinct.

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Video dog attack help

No Unprovoked Dog Attacks

February 28, 2021 | Videos

There is no such thing as an "unprovoked" dog attack. If you've been attacked by your dog or someone else's dog, your actions at the time gave cause to the attack.

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Video rehome dog

The Difficult Decision to Rehome Your Dog

January 30, 2021 | Videos

Rehoming your dog can be one of the most agonizing decisions you may ever have to make. However, the decision to rehome your dog can also be one of the most unselfish and considerate acts you could ever perform for your dog, family, and friends.

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Video littermate syndrome

Littermate Syndrome

November 01, 2020 | Videos

Is Littermate Syndrome a real condition, and should you be concerned about it?

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Video dog smell hand

Do You Let a Strange Dog Smell Your Hand Before Petting?

September 23, 2020 | Videos

Are you supposed to let a strange dog smell your hand before petting?

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Video high prey dogs

High Prey Drive Dogs

July 20, 2020 | Videos

Owning a dog obsessed with chasing squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, and other animals can be extremely challenging because catching the prey becomes the priority of the dog instead of obeying it's owner's commands.

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