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Board and Train Programs

Board and Train Programs - the perfect fit when life gets in the way of training

Today's existence for many dog owners is hectic. Between meeting the demands of careers, shuttling kids to and from school, and finding those rare moments to relax, training the dog often takes a distant third or fourth place over other priorities. At Taming the Wild, our board and train programs relieve you of this burden by training your dog for you.  

All of our programs are performed by our professional trainers who are taught and mentored by award-winning trainer Bryan Bailey. Bryan and his staff will provide the input necessary for your dog to learn the behaviors you need and want to suit your busy lifestyle.

To obtain the highest level of reliability under varying distractions, your dog’s training will also be augmented with field trips to parks, shopping centers, and restaurants. Once we have completed your dog’s training, we will perform the critical task of teaching you how to maintain the behaviors your dog learned.

We offer various levels of board and train programs based on your dog's age, previous training, and your needs. Custom training programs are available upon request. Learn more about our board and train offerings below.

Board and Train Programs

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Took our 6-year-old dachshund mix to Taming the Wild after a few instances of him biting me and always being super stubborn. We did the Basic Training in which you leave your dog at their facility for two weeks. When we picked him up, they provided an hour and a half training session with my husband and me to show us everything he learned and how to continue implementing. We were amazed at his new behavior!! It’s been almost two weeks since we picked him up and still all good! We practice with him a little bit each day to keep it up and make sure he doesn’t fall back into old habits. We are very satisfied with the results of the program, and my only regret is not taking him sooner!

anna beth studdard


Amazing company! I've had the pleasure of utilizing TTW boarding and training services. Previously my dog Kaeptain completed their Basic Training Program with Remote collar training. It is worth the investment. The training has made our walks in public places stress free. He no longer jumps up on people or runs through doors. The biggest plus is staying in place on his cot despite different distractions. Ashley conducted my turnover session. She is very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable continuing his training at home. TTW encourages to call if you have any concerns or questions. Exceptional staff from the front door to the back.

Jessica Turner 


Zander did great with the Basic training! It has been almost a year and he still remembers the commands. Friends compliment how well behaved he is.

Vaughn Ogrydziak

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