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Our Puppy Imprinting Program focuses on the “social awareness” aspect of your young dog’s development.

At Taming the Wild, our professional trainers will teach your pup how to interpret the human auditory, visual, and haptic signals that will play an instrumental role in shaping its behavior for the rest of its life. Utilizing a reward based approach, your pup will be introduced to behaviors such as "sit," "stay," "down," "heel," "come," and "off," in preparation for more formal training that will take place when your puppy is old enough to participate. 

puppy imprinting information and cost

Puppy Imprinting Program at Taming the Wild is a 5-day board and train program for puppies between the ages of 12 - 15 weeks. Included in the program are training, boarding, playtime, a private turnover lesson at the end of the program, a 20 ft. training lead, treat pouch, and a copy of Bryan's book, "Housebreaking - 10 Steps to Success." 

Cost - $650

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Just finished the puppy imprinting program with my 12-week pit, Bane. One word “AMAZING”! This program is a 5-star program for sure! My pup has learned so many things over these past 5 days it’s mind-blowing! The knowledge I received at the turnover lesson was great as well. I definitely recommend this program to anyone wanting to give their pup a jump start on obedience!

Ricky Dortch, Memphis, Tn

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