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Meet the Rest of Our Pack

The wolf on the hill is never as hungry as the wolf

climbing the hill.

Taming the Wild is not just a business that cares for and trains dogs. Instead, it’s a living, breathing entity whose members work for the common good of the many and not the one - like the wolf pack it represents. Each day, our pack’s focus isn’t merely on surviving, but rather, thriving in a highly competitive pet industry by always seeking to provide a level of service that is unobtainable at any other training, boarding, and daycare facility.

We are Taming the Wild, and we are always hungry and

always climbing.


Meet Bryan and Kira Bailey - Owners and Founders of Taming the Wild

Matthew Hubbard

General Manager

Animal Care

Originally from Mississippi, Matthew ventured off to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Louisiana State University. He received dual Masters degrees in Business Administration and Human Resource Management while attending the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Before joining our team as General Manager, Matthew got a wealth of experience in multi-unit retail management, restaurant and hospitality management, financial management, sales management, hospital administration, and dog daycare management. Matthew has three dogs, Socks, Goose, and Maverick.


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