Meet Our Team

Meet team taming the wild

Meet Our Team

Our team of trainers have spent countless hours learning the Taming the Wild approach as well as learning canine background and breed history. We combine this scientific knowledge with a friendly and supportive environment so that you and your dog will have the tools you need to enjoy life together.

20221006 TTW Headshot Ashley 2


Trainer Supervisor, Memphis

Ashley came all the way down to Memphis from Wisconsin back in 2018 to work with Taming the Wild. With her came her two dogs, Elliot (a black lab) and Charlie (a Newfoundland/Saint Bernard mix). Ashley, Charlie, and Elliot all miss the colder weather but are enjoying themselves in Tennessee. In her free time, she enjoys taking her dogs for hikes, going to the park for a swim, or watching movies (especially in the horror genre). Someday she hopes to take both of her dogs to the beach and watch as they enjoy jumping through the waves and maybe snap a few action shots for Instagram. Ashley enjoys working with all sorts of dogs but particularly enjoys larger breeds that remind her of her own dogs. She also enjoys the challenge that large dogs can bring. She brings a bright smile and energy to Taming the Wild and is here to ensure your experience with us is 10/10!

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Trainer, Memphis

Jordan is a seasoned and dedicated dog trainer based in Brighton, TN. With over 8 years of experience, Jordan fell in love with training dogs by sheer accident and has since honed his skills in the art. In addition to training dogs for duck hunting, Jordan actively participates in the sport itself and guides duck hunts during winter. Growing up around professional trainers, Jordan was introduced to the hunt test game, particularly the HRC hunt tests that simulate hunting situations. His dog, Tex, holds the prestigious HRCH (Hunting Retriever Champion Hunter) title. Outside of training, Jordan enjoys thrifting and selling items on eBay to support his passion for testing dogs. Labs hold a special place in Jordan's heart, as he focuses on training them specifically for duck hunting. His ultimate wish is for Tex to enjoy a long and healthy life, ensuring many years of hunting together.

20221006 TTW Headshot Coleman 4


Trainer, Tupelo

Born and raised in Tupelo, MS, Coleman graduated from Tupelo High School and attended the University of Mississippi. Two years after enrolling at Ole Miss he accepted a job to pursue working in International Trade (food and beverage industry) in Los Angeles, California. During his free time in California, he enjoyed hiking in the hills, playing golf, and eating street tacos from the local food trucks. Coleman enjoys working with any dog breed because the different challenges of training each dog. He currently does not own a dog, but is looking and hopes to own his first pup in the near future.

20221006 TTW Headshot Ev 4


Business Development Manager, Memphis

Evan was born and raised in Memphis, TN, and graduated from Christian Brothers high school and the University of Memphis. Evan first came to Taming the Wild as a client when his dogs, Penny and Enzo, went through board and train programs back in 2019. If it were up to him, Evan would spend most of his time at a campsite in the Ozarks with his dogs. Evan is certifiably car-crazy and loves to fix things. You'll find him covered in grease from vintage cars and motorcycles most days and covered in dust from working on his 100-year-old house the others. Evan is easy to talk to and has never met a stranger. Ask him about his Hot Wheels collection.

20230526 TTW Headshot Christopher 1


Trainer, Tupelo

Madi barnard taming the wild


Kennel Manager, Tupelo

Madi has been a big part of the Taming the Wild team since 2021, initially as an Animal Care Attendant before moving and pursuing her career as the Kennel Manager of our newest Tupelo location! Being a country girl at heart, she is originally from Munford, Tennessee where she grew up always surrounded by dogs and the outdoors. From a young age she has volunteered at shelters, knowing she wanted animals in her future career. She has been so excited to meet all the new faces of Tupelo, but is especially excited about finding new hiking trails for her and her two dogs Tucker and Raven to explore!

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Trainer, Memphis

McKenzie is a Memphis native and joined the Taming the Wild team in 2019 after working as a veterinary assistant for several years. She lives with her dogs Fitzroy (Standard Poodle) and Sirius (German Shepherd mix), along with her two cats, Nito and Lizzie. McKenzie loves working with all dogs but especially those that are more reserved, as she enjoys building their confidence through training! When not training dogs, McKenzie enjoys reading, gardening, and kayaking. One day her goal is to live on and own a small hobby farm with a herd of Highland cattle and some Emu!

20221006 TTW Headshot Morgan 3


Trainer, Memphis

Morgan is a former model turned dog trainer. She is a small-town soul with an adventurous heart. Her passion for animals started as a child living amongst a family of farmers in rural Tennessee, but her desire to see the world brought her to bigger cities such as Memphis. In Memphis, she met her husband, modeled for many years, and even opened her own women's clothing boutique! As time passed, she began wanting to enjoy a slower-paced life with her family and focus on growth in a dog training career which she truly loved more.

Trading her high heels for the "heel" command, she now spends most of her days making sure your 4-legged loved ones are enjoying themselves. When she's not doing that, she's often immersed in antiquing and dressing up her 11-year-old Yorkie!

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