Boy and His Dog

Our Pledge


We would like to personally thank you for considering Taming the Wild. We know a lot of trust goes into where you send your dogs for training, boarding, and daycare, and we don't take that for granted. 



to our clients, we pledge:

  • A level of service and respect that is unmatched by any other training, boarding, or daycare facility.
  • An aesthetically pleasing environment that is designed for learning.
  • A training experience that is steadfast and real, not swayed by public opinion or the latest training fad. Our approach is as time tested as the wolf behavior upon which our methodology is founded.


For our dogs, we pledge:

  • A safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment where they are shown genuine love and care during training, play, and rest times.
  • An environment where their natural wolf instincts are always nurtured and encouraged.


For each other and employees, we pledge:

  • A culture that respects diversity and encourages ideas and opinions to form a stronger, more knowledgeable team.
  • A professional work environment, personal development opportunities, leadership support, and mentoring to help build a career at Taming the Wild.


With thanks and appreciation,

Kira and Bryan Bailey
Owners, Taming the Wild, LLC.

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