Dog Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Board and Train Program

In the Hands of a Professional

Our rehabilitation program is a 45-day intensive program designed and implemented by Bryan to facilitate your dog’s behavioral change. The program requires many hours of training deactivation behaviors and then the application of the trained behaviors to the stimulus that is known to evoke a fearful and/or aggressive response from your dog.  Because of the amount of time and energy required, Bryan only accepts and works with one dog at a time. 


  • Heel - walk or jog next to you without pulling

  • Switch - Change sides when directed while walking

  • Sit on command - temporary deactivation

  • Down (left side or right side) - full deactivation

  • Stay - remain where positioned until released

  • Place - multi-hour stay on a training mat (provided)

  • Leave It - a pre-emptive command that redirects your dog's attention to you

  • All behaviors are proofed and tested in the presence of unfamiliar dogs and people

  • Free refresher training for the lifetime of your dog



45-day program

Cost - $5000   ** This program qualifies for our TTW payment plan. Please contact us for more information.

A $500 deposit is required at time of registration.  Because only one dog is accepted into the program per session, availability may be limited.


Our dog, Piper, just completed the Rehabilitation training program with Bryan. She is doing great. I can walk her in the neighborhood now without fear of her getting aggressive toward other dogs. Bryan also picked up on a personality trait of Pipers that had gone, unforeseen, for years and that we are going to have treated also. We are very pleased with her training and rehabilitation! Thank you, Bryan!

Sandra Fly, memphs, tn

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