Puppy Training Class

Training for Puppies (8-15 weeks old)


Why Should I Train My Puppy?


By training your puppy at Taming the Wild, you will gain valuable socialization for him. In addition to being around several new people, he will also be around unfamiliar dogs. This will help him to learn his manners and how to interact with new friends. Proper socialization is essential when you want to invite people to your home or take your puppy out in public.

Channel Your Puppy’s Energy

By putting your puppy in a training program and regularly practicing what he has learned, you will be positively channeling your puppy’s energy. Much better than him chewing on your shoes, right? Most dogs love to “perform” their newly learned behaviors, so this is like playtime for them.

Build a Strong Training Foundation

By enrolling your puppy in a training program, you are building a strong training foundation. Not only will you have a well-behaved puppy, but you will also have a base to build upon as they get older. Once your puppy has mastered all of his on-leash commands and is doing them extremely consistently, you can start working on more complex commands and possibly off-leash work.

Fix Bad Behaviors Before They Become a Problem

One of the main reasons dogs get rehomed is terrible behavior. A puppy chewing on things and jumping on you for attention is cute. An adult dog doing the same is not. Fixing problematic behaviors before they become an issue is critical. Puppy training at Taming the Wild will teach your dog healthy behaviors and good manners, all while avoiding negative behaviors.

Puppies Are Fast Learners

A dog can be trained at any age; however, the ideal time to teach them is between eight and fifteen weeks of age. While their brain is at its peak for learning, why not take advantage of this time of their life? They are eager to please you, and they are fast learners. Puppies can quickly and easily learn new commands.


Our Approach To Training Your Puppy

Dogs under the age of fifteen weeks are more “wolf-like” than they will ever be. At this age, when most pups are separated from their birth packs, it is important to make the crucial adjustment to living with and answering to humans.

Knowing how to blend obedience training that creates acceptable behaviors in the human realm with the natural instinctive responses of your young dog is crucial for the formal training to come.

At Taming the Wild, through our Puppy Preparatory School Program, we help guide you through the critical first few months of your young dog’s life, teaching you the necessary knowledge and skills to help your puppy relationship start on the right path. Obedience school can help your puppy transition into a well-behaved adult.

At Taming the Wild, we have two options for puppies: 




Private Lessons offer one-on-one time with Bryan. You will learn how to properly train your puppy, as well as basic commands and how to teach them. The glory of Private Lessons is you can cover whatever is most important to you first. No class syllabus to follow! And, Private Lessons can be done virtually or in-person.

Cost - $200 each

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puppy group class

Our four-week puppy group class will help your puppy learn valuable social and communication skills with both humans and other dogs and set them up for the formal training to come.

Commands covered include:

  • Come
  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Off
  • Down
  • Place
  • Stay

Husbandry topics will include:

  • How young puppies learn and communicate
  • Housebreaking
  • Proper nutrition
  • Feeding schedules
  • Nail trims made easy

Cost - $150

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Need Help HouseBreaking your puppy?

Housebreaking Steps to Success Book

Housebreaking is the bane of puppyhood for most dog owners. It is an incredibly frustrating process that has been made even more so by misguided training recommendations doled out by friends, family, the internet, and a myriad of dog professionals.

The information provided is often incorrect or misleading, especially regarding the amount of time and effort that will be required to train your dog to go potty outdoors and not indoors reliably.

However, successful housebreaking doesn’t have to be so scary or painful. It just requires patience, consistency, a small bit of knowledge about your dog’s natural behavior, and a willingness to follow ten crucial steps. Solve your housebreaking problems forever with the help of Bryan's book, Housebreaking: 10 Steps to Success.

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