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Enchanced dog training taming the wild

Sometimes, you get more dog than you bargained for. You couldn’t pass up those adoring eyes, but now those eyes belong to a dog that makes walking it drudgery or coming when called an impossibility. On top of that, it barks at everyone and everything, and your family and friends have suddenly quit visiting. Sound like you? If so, our Enhanced Training Program is your salvation.

Our Enhanced Training program is a 21-day board and train program that teaches your dog to perform all of the behaviors included in our Basic Training program plus remote collar enhancement and the commands switch, off-leash come when called, and off-leash go-to-place. If you still have questions, take a look at our most Common Questions or List of Commands.

Cost - $3,300.00

What's Included

21 Days of enhanced training

Training e-books and videos for your support


Conventional training collar

15-foot leash

The remote training collar that is required to maintain all behaviors

Copy of Bryan’s book Embracing the Wild in Your Dog

Private turnover lesson

FREE refresher training group class for the lifetime of your dog

Commands include: heel, place, down, stay, sit, no jumping, switch, wait, come-when-called, and go-to-place

Taming the wild testimonial border collie

My dog Flirt is so much more fun to be around after her enhanced training. She no longer pulls on her walk, she can sit and down stay with the best of them. I took some time considering this option but after using the correction one time, Flirt is no longer a fan of counter serving. It was well worth the additional training cost when I anticipate 12-15 years I plan on spending with this girl.

Lisa Noell
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