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Fearful and Aggressive Dog Training

Restore Safety and a Higher Quality of Life for You and Your Dog

  • Are you currently dealing with a dog that has recently attacked, or attempted to attack, a family member, a visitor to your home, or another dog? 
  • Does your dog respond fearfully to thunderstorms, loud man-made noises such as fireworks, construction work, and sirens, or is every trip in the car a traumatic event?
  • Does your dog become extremely anxious when it is left by itself (separation anxiety)? Do you find your dog clinging to you and following your every move when you are home?
  • Lastly, does your dog exhibit symptoms of an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Some of the symptoms include, tail chasing, continual licking of the paws or other bodily areas until they are raw and bleeding, prolonged mouthing and sucking on pillows and cushions, and perpetual whining.

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, Bryan can help. 

How Bryan Can Help

The good news is, there are proven behavioral adjustment plans and medications, which can help your dog achieve a safer and happier life free of unwarranted fears, obsessive-compulsive disorders, phobias, and perceived threats. However, because dogs often suffer in silence, these conditions require the owner to recognize the behavioral symptoms of each. Most dog owners and professional trainers are not skilled in maladaptive behavioral evaluations, and because of this, treatable conditions can go undetected for the dog’s entire life.

Bryan is an expert, trained at Cornell and Tufts University, in evaluating your dog to determine if it is suffering from a maladaptive condition. If it is, he will accurately diagnose the disease, explain the cause, and recommend the appropriate medication (if necessary) and a behavioral adjustment plan to treat the condition.

For over thirty years, Bryan has teamed with veterinarians and scientists, in developing comprehensive rehabilitation programs that have enabled thousands of dogs to overcome their fears and achieve a quality of life that would not have been possible otherwise.


How it Works

Most people are apprehensive about using medications for treating their dog’s condition because they worry their dog will act sedated or will have to be on drugs for life. On both counts, they are wrong. The only thing that lasts for life are the positive changes Bryan’s behavioral adjustment plans create for your dog. If medication is a required part of your dog’s rehabilitation, Bryan uses the drug as a short-term facilitator of the behavioral adjustment plan that will transform your dog’s fearful associations to non-fearful associations. These medications often involve antidepressants that work by raising the threshold of the stimulus that evokes a fearful response from your dog, resulting in your dog becoming less reactive or panicky when confronted with the same trigger(s). Once your dog reaches this state, it will become receptive to the behavior adjustment plan that Bryan will customize for your dog’s individual needs. The behavioral plan will then be implemented and maintained until your dog’s reaction to the trigger(s) is a more normalized response. When this occurs, your dog will be removed from any medication that may have been utilized.

What’s a Behavioral Adjustment Plan?

For successful rehabilitation, ‘deactivation’ of established fearful or aggressive responses, while ‘activating’ confident and cooperative responses, must be accomplished. Otherwise, when your dog encounters a known ‘trigger’ of fear or aggression, it will continue to rely upon the undesired behaviors that allowed it to escape or cope with the ‘trigger’ in the past. Behavioral adjustment plans utilize specific training to teach your dog how to manage fears and resolve conflicts with confidence and cooperativeness instead of flight or fight. Regardless, whether medication is necessary or not, these plans are vital to the overall rehabilitation process.

Each behavioral adjustment plan is tailored to your dog’s individual needs and can be accomplished with a Basic or Advanced Pharmacotherapy Program or a Board and Rehab program with Bryan.


1. Bryan will need to meet with you either in person or online to evaluate your dog’s current condition. To assist Bryan with your dog’s evaluation, please complete and submit the Behavioral Assessment Form (BAF) by clicking the link below. After you submit your BAF, you will be given the opportunity to schedule your dog's evaluation. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Behavioral Assessment Form

For your convenience, Bryan can meet with you:

• In our Memphis, TN facility 
• Online

2. After the initial evaluation, Bryan will design a behavioral adjustment plan for your dog. The procedure can be accomplished with:

  • Three private lessons/re-evaluations. Each meeting with Bryan will be for the purpose of re-evaluating your dog's current condition so any adjustments can be made to any necessary medications and for working on a combination of counterconditioning and deactivation behaviors required to achieve all targeted outcomes. Cost of 3 private lessons with Bryan: $540
  • 14 day Board & Rehab Program


At our facility or online: $200

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to schedule the initial evaluation with the balance due at time of appointment. No shows or same day cancellations will be charged the full amount of $200.


Kathy Berrie's Story


Bryan is very knowledgeable, friendly, and charismatic. I brought my dog in for aggression consultation, and we received good advice. He also gave us a card with his personal phone number to send a video of the behaviors my dog was exhibiting at home so he could give further feedback. Very awesome service and well worth the money.

-Josheph Hudson, Millington, tn

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