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For puppies 8-15 weeks old

Dogs under the age of fifteen weeks are more “wolf-like” than they will ever be. At this age, it is important to make the crucial adjustment to living with and answering to humans. Knowing how to blend obedience training that creates acceptable behaviors in the human realm with the natural instinctive responses of your young dog is crucial for the formal training to come. Our courses help establish socialization, build a strong training foundation, and help stop bad behaviors. At Taming the Wild, we help guide you through the critical first few months of your young dog’s life, teaching you the necessary knowledge and skills to help your puppy relationship start on the right path.

Our Programs

Puppy training group class

Puppy Group Class

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Puppy private training

Puppy Private Lessons

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Channel your puppy’s energy & build a strong foundation

Our Approach
Taming the wild testimonial border collie

This is was such a great experience for us and our dog! Our rambunctious pup is more well behaved and we are more confident owners. The whole staff there is wonderful and helpful! Worth every penny!

Sarah McMillian

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