Agility Training

Dog agility training

Running Wild Dog Agility - Intro to Agility

Our five-week, Intro to Dog Agility class is designed for dogs of all sizes and skill levels. Learn how to help your dog navigate agility obstacles that include weave poles, A-frame, 8ft dogwalk, pause table, seesaw, tunnel, tire jump, and single bar jump, while having a great time together! This class helps to build the lines of communication between you and your dog through training while learning a new sport together. At the end of the course, we will hold a class competition with a trophy awarded to the winner!


Taming the Wild, 2164 Hillshire Circle, Memphis, TN 38103. (Indoor - climate controlled)

What to bring to class:

4-6 foot leash, collar (dog must not be able to slip out of the collar), treats, and a copy of your dog's vaccinations.

What not to bring to class:

Retractable leash, any type of harness or headgear, children under the age of 9.

What to wear:

Athletic style attire and shoes. You will be running in this class!

Class schedule:

Week 1: Intro to dog agility, class rules, A-frame/Dogwalk/Seesaw - Part I
Week 2: Weave poles/Seesaw Part II
Week 3: Tunnel/Single Bar Jump
Week 4: Pause Table/Tire Jump
Week 5: Class Competition/Graduation


Dog age: four-months or older.
Social with all people; strangers can hold the leash.
No reactivity with other dogs moving in close proximity.|
Can perform the commands Sit and Down for 30 seconds.


$175 - Limit of 12 dogs per class

How to sign up:

Contact Kira at 901-626-3887 or email: or use the form below.