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For both Reactive/Aggressive and Fearful rehabilitation programs, we will need to meet with you either in person or online to evaluate your dog’s current condition beforehand. To assist our experienced trainers with your dog’s evaluation, you will be asked to complete a Behavioral Assessment Form (BAF) after scheduling. The cost of the initial evaluation is $300, whether you do it at our facility or online.

For successful rehabilitation, ‘deactivation’ of established fearful or aggressive responses, while ‘activating’ confident and cooperative responses, must be accomplished. Otherwise, when your dog encounters a known ‘trigger’ of fear or aggression, it will continue to rely upon the undesired behaviors that allowed it to escape or cope with the ‘trigger’ in the past. Our Behavioral Adjustment Programs utilize specific training to teach your dog how to manage fears and resolve conflicts with confidence and cooperativeness instead of flight or fight. Regardless, whether medication is necessary or not, these programs are vital to the overall rehabilitation process.

After evaluation, Our experienced trainers will recommend one of the following Behavioral Adjustment Programs for your dog:

  • Personal Guidance with an experienced trainer
  • The Reactive Dog Board and Train Program
  • The Rehabilitation Board and Train Program

Cost - $125.00
Taming the wild testimonial border collie

Taylie just finished a week-long class (Fearful and Aggressive) with miraculous results. We are thrilled with the outcome of her new-found relaxation techniques along with a supervised RX dosage. We all are enjoying life more and cannot thank Bryan and the TTW staff enough for their help and support!!

Suzanne & Doug Abbott
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Reactive Program

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