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Dog attack cases to humans and dogs are the result of competitive aggression (food or object acquisition or defense), or non-competitive aggression (territorial or self-defense). There are many causes of competitive aggression, but typically, it is rooted in bad decision making on the part of the dog owner and a lack of proper training. Self-defense aggression, however, often finds its beginning in the dog’s genetics which predisposes it, as it matures, to develop an unwarranted fear of humans and dogs outside the family.

This 21-day, on-leash board and train program for reactive dogs (aggressive when encountering unfamiliar dogs and people) aged 16 weeks or older that focuses on teaching behaviors that will immediately deactivate your dog’s aggressive response while providing you optimal control of your dog.

We will need to meet with you either in person or online to evaluate your dog’s current condition. To assist Bryan with your dog’s evaluation, you will be asked to complete a Behavioral Assessment Form (BAF) after scheduling. The cost of the initial evaluation is $300, whether you do it at our facility or online.

Cost - $3,150.00 course, plus $300 evaluation
*Evaluation required before entering the program.

This program qualifies for a 3, 6, 9, or 12 month interest free Taming the Wild payment plan. To apply, please click here: Payment Plan Application

To get started, schedule an evaluation at the link below.

What's Included

21-Day board and train program

Aggressive/Reactive training

Training e-books and videos for your support

20-foot training leash

The remote training collar that is required to maintain all behaviors

One private turnover lesson

FREE refresher training group class for the lifetime of your dog

Commands include: heel, place, down, stay, sit, switch, wait, and leave-it.

Taming the wild testimonial german shepherd

I absolutely love this place! My golden retriever mix is a young and energetic pup! She had some minor issues with food guarding around other dogs and would get a bit aggressive. She completed the Reactive dog boarding and training, 3-week long class, and has done outstanding.

Carly Jackson, Memphis, TN
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