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Our dog Henry has been to TTW for training, boarding, and daycare. The training was excellent and really helped us find common ground and language with Henry. We are all so much happier now. We boarded Henry elsewhere when he was very young and he seemed very upset, thin and voiceless coming home from the other place. He is always a happy (and exhausted) pup coming home from TTW. The staff are attentive and give me good feedback on how Henry is doing. I couldn't recommend them more highly!

-lenore roe, germantown, tn

Once again the training at Taming the Wild has proven to be exceptional! Both Lynn and Jacob are amazing trainers and it's clear they are passionate about each dog they encounter. The transformation in our two dogs has been truly remarkable. We greatly appreciate the time Lynn has spent on the turnover phase, which solidifies the process. Lynn takes the time to ensure that we, the owner, understand the behaviors and methods to continue training at home...all with support, just one phone call away. All the staff at Taming the Wild go out of their way to help and truly exhibit the same passion for the dogs. We have been very fortunate to discover Taming the Wild.

jena koren, memphis, tn

This place is amazing. They took care of our Spidey and trained him during one of the most challenging times in our lives. While our son was recovering at St. Jude, they went out of their way to care for Spidey even when they had no space. Great service plus heart! What more can you ask for.

-richard estevez, memphis, tn

We have used Bryan and his staff at ProTrain/Taming the Wild for two dogs now- started both at the puppy stage, and are THRILLED with the results. We will continue to use them and recommend. 
Training and boarding are excellent!

Jane Mims, memphis, tn

If you are looking for someone who truly understands the ways of your dog, look no further than Bryan Bailey. This man is one of the most interesting people you'll probably ever talk to. His knowledge of K9s and wolves is astounding.

- Jeanne Louise Goddard

Bryan is amazing and their facility is top notch!

- Stephen Waites

Bryan came to the house and worked with my vet Amy Moffatt to get the right drug for her. Very difficult to get her to take it but after 6 months I started to see a change. She's since been to a class at Taming the Wild where we both learned a ton.

- Nancy Knous, Memphis, TN

The impact Bryan and Kira had on our family is undeniable: their care and knowledge made the difference between us being able to keep our little pit bull mix rescue and having to give her up to an uncertain future.

- Becky Rooney, Germantown, TN

Thanks to Taming the Wild, our dog is happier and better behaved than we ever dreamed she could be. To anyone who has a furry family member with “issues” --don’t wait like we did. Make an appointment and let Bryan and Kira and the staff help immediately.

- Mary and Bill Thorsberg

I tell everybody how much Taming the Wild means to us. It was obvious from the moment I spoke with Kira and met with Bryan they were going to help us. Bryan knows Mabel and has taught me how to work with Mabel. I truly can't thank them enough for their roll in our life with our puppy.

- Katherine Lawson, Memphis, TN

You both helped us to understand Lily's behaviors and correct them. You have such a deep understanding of animals.....it's like you knew Lily within the first 5 minutes you met her.

- Holly and Tim Mosteller, Midtown Memphis, TN

Bryan’s approach to "taming the wolf in your dog" made sense to us. Realizing dogs are wolves; understanding the cause of aggression and knowing what drives dogs and wolves' behavior has been extremely beneficial in training our dogs.

- Linda and Chuck Lesnick, Collierville, TN

After only two lessons with Bryan, our rescue dog, Rick, has learned so much! The first time Bryan came over, Rick sat at his feet and just looked up at him, I think the dog was entranced with Bryan.

- Alicia and Eduardo McKenzie, Germantown, TN

Kashmir attended OBS, Beginner Dog Program at Taming the Wild. I was amazed with her progress after only 2 weeks of training. There is no pulling or tugging on the leash. She walks beautifully at the heel and at the same pace as her handler. In fact, she works as well off lead as on. Some of this is due to her natural temperament, but Taming the Wild put it all together for us.

- Debbie Glen, Memphis, TN

Awesome experience with Bryan and his team. I can't recommend their training strongly enough. He willingly shares his wealth of knowledge and genuinely cares about teaching you how to provide a safe and happy environment for your pets. He fully explains the mental process dogs go through in various scenarios and he does so in a logical (and amusing) fashion so you understand the "why" behind some behaviors and appropriate corrective action can be used. Everyone on his team with whom we interacted was friendly, professional and passionate about helping dog owners develop a consistently reliable well-trained dog. That makes both pets and owners happy!!

-Caryl Beaty, Red Banks, Ms

This place is 1st class from the office staff to the awesome training team!!!! I will be recommending their services to any dog owner I come in contact with. Looking forward to having Mr. Apollo back for the level II training session.

-moses shorter, arlington, tn


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